Growing the game: How to get kids involved


Why should you get your kids into cricket?

Cricket is a fantastic sport that offers numerous benefits for children. It promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Additionally, cricket helps develop hand-eye coordination and concentration skills. By getting your kids involved in cricket, you are not only introducing them to a fun and exciting sport but also providing them with an opportunity to learn important life skills.

What are the ECB Programmes to get children involved in cricket?

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) offers several programmes specifically designed to get children involved in cricket. These programmes aim to make cricket accessible and enjoyable for kids of all ages and abilities. Here are a few ECB programmes that you can explore:

All Stars Cricket

All Stars Cricket is a programme designed for children aged 5 to 8 years old. It introduces kids to the basic skills of cricket through fun and engaging activities. The programme is delivered by trained coaches and provides children with a safe and inclusive environment to learn and play cricket.

Dynamos Cricket

Dynamos Cricket is aimed at children aged 8 to 11 years old. It focuses on developing cricket skills and game understanding in a dynamic and enjoyable way. The programme includes exciting games and activities that help children progress their cricketing abilities while having a great time.

ECB School Programmes

The ECB also offers various school programmes to encourage cricket participation among children. These programmes provide schools with the necessary resources and support to deliver high-quality cricket sessions. They aim to inspire children to take up cricket and develop a lifelong love for the sport.

How can you get your kids involved?

Getting your kids involved in cricket is easier than you might think. Here are a few steps you can take:

1. Find a local cricket club

Search for a local cricket club in your area that offers junior cricket programmes. These clubs often have qualified coaches who can introduce your kids to the sport and provide them with the necessary training.

2. Attend taster sessions

Many cricket clubs and ECB programmes offer taster sessions for children. These sessions allow kids to try out cricket and see if they enjoy it before committing to regular training.

3. Encourage participation at school

Speak to your child's school about their involvement in cricket. Find out if they offer any cricket programmes or if they can incorporate cricket into their physical education curriculum. This can be a great way for your child to get a taste of the sport.

4. Create a cricket-friendly environment at home

Encourage your kids to play cricket in the backyard or at the park. Provide them with the necessary equipment, such as a bat and ball, and join in the fun. Playing cricket together as a family can be a wonderful bonding experience.


Getting your kids into cricket is a fantastic way to introduce them to a fun and rewarding sport. The ECB programmes, such as All Stars Cricket and Dynamos Cricket, provide excellent opportunities for children to learn and develop their cricketing skills. By taking the steps to get your kids involved in cricket, you are not only helping them stay active but also fostering important life skills that will benefit them in the long run.

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